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Infusing Fresh Vitality To Turn Back The Clock For Your Skin

Size : 15g

Main Effects:

  • Extracted from 99% natural ingredients that target for eye bags, eye lines, dark circles and other common under-eye problems.
  • Water filming around the area of your eyes to hydrate the skin while providing a long-lasting moisturizing effect.
  • The product accelerates cell detoxification, promotes the synthesis process of collagen, and increases skin lustre and elasticity.
  • As a highly efficient anti-oxidant, the refreshing formula awakens skin around the eyes and instantly relieves eye fatigue.


Main Ingredients:

  • Lycoskin Defence - The patented active ingredients extracted from tomato stem cells protect the skin from heavy metal pollution, fight free radicals, and prolong aging. It has been clinically proven that continuous use for 30 consecutive days can significantly increases skin radiance.
  • Vita Biorhythm - Revolutionary dual effects: Adjust its biological clock while preventing skin fatigue and promoting the formation of collagen; prevents skin oxidation as well as skin inflammation, which can cause premature skin aging and DNA damage.  
  • Vita Ilux - The variety of active peptides effectively combat eye contour aging, stimulate skin microcirculation and help diminish dark circles and pouches under the eyes. A protective water film forms around the eyes to preventing dryness, eliminating fatigue and instantly refresh the eyes. 
  • Celldetox - It reinforces cell detoxification and prolongs skin cell life, reducing wrinkles while improving radiance.
  • Vitamin E - The tiny Vitamin E particles have significant anti-oxidation effects, regulating skin tone while preventing skin damage from UVA and UVB.



  • Apply after cleansing and directly onto the undereye area, from the inside out and back in order to stimulate circulation and reduce appearance of puffiness and smooth lines.
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