Brand Story

Eternus-D™ - a leading cosmeceutical skin care brand originating in Switzerland.

This brand is a product of the Swiss based laboratory – Laboratoire Innovaz GmbH. A group of highly experienced professionals experimenting on skin cell activation, repair and regeneration. These experts focus on researching aging of skin and the reasons why skin loss of firmness. They have made numerous tests to try to find out how these skin problems are caused. They use the most advanced cosmeceutical technology combined with natural ingredients and have successfully researched and manufactured a range of revolutionary and distinguished cosmeceutical skin care products. Enabled you internally and externally to enjoy the benefits of quality skin care.

The main ingredients of Eternus-D™ are pristine Swiss Alps Water, Skin Vitamins, Peptide Complex and Exclusive Specific Active Essence. Laboratoire Innovaz GmbH has done in-depth research and development of cosmetic skin care and advanced medical treatments combined to create different aspects of skin care that caters to various skin needs, so that skin becomes healthier, tender, smoother and youthful.